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What We Do


We help you learn key practices for innovation through our workshops that take the form of a game. We lead players towards a goal following a structured activity that provides scope for thinking freely. Gamestorming creates a safe place for people to explore new and sometimes uncomfortable ideas

Learn to design new businesses:

Customer Quest
Customer Development Process
Empathy Mapping
Value Proposition Canvas
Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas
Customer Scenarios
Business Model Canvas
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BMI Strategy Game
Business Model Canvas
Business Model Environment
SPOT Analysis
Future Scenarios
Cover Story Vision
Future Business Model
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Open Challenge
Open Innovation Practices
Crowdsourcing CrowdFunding
Environment Scanning
Technology Scouting
Open Business Models
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Learn the fastest way to move new product ideias to market

Agile Product Design Game
Agile and Lean Startup Principles
Business Model Canvas
User Story Mapping
Minimum Viable Product
Release Planning
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LEAP Playground
Agile Principles
Lean Thinking
Visual Management
2hrs Kanban Simulation
2hrs Scrum Simulation
Agile Retrospectives
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Scrum from Scratch Race
Agile Principles
Scrum Framework
8hrs Real Product Development Simulation
Advanced Scrum
Scrum Open Assessment
Professional Scrum Master Certification
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We help you to discover, design and evaluate options for your business with our experience, tools and inspiration. Not for you, but together with you and your team.

Design Innovation Management Systems

We help companies overcome growth challenges by building an infrastructure for innovation. We work with your teams to assess innovation performance, diagnose organizational roadblocks, measure current efforts versus best practices, and develop a roadmap for new growth

Rethink Business Models

We help companies to explore options for business model innovation. We work with your teams to assess current business model performance, imagine future scenarios and conduct low cost low-risk experiments of the potential business model elements.


We help you deploy a "test and learn" approach to taking new solutions to market. Managing culture change, supporting rapid learning and ensuring clarity and communications are vital as in any change process


Lisbon, the Startup City, Portugal

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